Failure to Confidence

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Failure to Confidence

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Everyone has heard that you have the opportunity to learn more from failures or mistakes as compared to successes. Still others would argue that there is an equal amount of learning opportunity from either, and some, may argue there is more to be learned from success.

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Could it be that the learning or growth comes from your mindset and how you approach each situation?

You didn’t close the sale, you weren’t the successful job candidate, or someone else obtained the promotion you were hoping for. In any of these cases, failure only means you didn’t get it on that attempt. There are more examples, such as the basketball player who missed the basket, the batter who swung at the ball but missed, and the football player who dropped the touchdown pass even though it was in his hands.

Every attempt has the risk of failure; every attempt has the opportunity to learn. Your mindset will condition what you learn, or what you ignore. Failure should make you more confident when you learn what didn’t work or what may work better the next time. If that is the case, then failure is when you fail to see, or try, to make your next attempt better.

Your best opportunity exists when you turn failure into confidence.


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