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Colgate, Tide, and Pepsi, all are brands. Brands have a reputation built on trust, tested over time, and likely recognized as a leader in a category of product or service. Yet there are other brands, brands that stand for low cost, convenient, or ease of use.


Do you remember something that you paid too much for six months ago? If it wasn’t a major purchase, you probably don’t. Do you remember the brand that let you down? Do you remember when your trust was violated?

Your brand, your image, your product or service are all built from your reputation which likely starts, and ends, with trust. People will pay more, or pay less, and in the long run they probably won’t remember if they overpaid, but they’ll always remember what they trust.

You can build your brand, your talent, and your reputation, but if you don’t build trust you’ll likely build very little.

Build more. 


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August 19, 2014at 9:57 am

A major US car company did a good bit of research on WOM sharing of repair service customer experiences, They determined that the average positive experience was shared about 3 times. Bad service experiences were shared about 13 times.

There was no research reported on rebound WOM, i.e., the number who heard the “tale of woe/tale of joy” first hand and repeated it to others…”Hey, a friend of mine told me about his car repair experience…”

It appears that one negative canceled out the good afterglow of about four positives!

Let me suggest that a big enterprise can be harmed by bad WOM. A small enterprise that is not marketing to vast minions can too. Even in a small customer pool, those customers – who may be competitors – are sharing experiences by WOM.

If you employ your talent to build your brand and your reputation, trust will follow. If you do not deliver something that positively sets you apart from day one, you will find yourself, for a very short time, delivering a brand that no one wants.

“Hey buddy, wanna buy an Edsel or a Pinto or a Corvair or…” “Well, how about a DeHaviland Comet?”


    August 19, 2014at 3:21 pm

    Very true Gil. Thanks for sharing your comments. There has been significant research that continuously supports your comments and the story. Word of mouth can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. DEG

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