Attracts Flies

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Attracts Flies

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Do you have the clients, customers, or business relationships that produce the outcomes you wish for and need?


Chances are good that you attract what surrounds you. While this may not always be your intention or how you wish it would work out, it may be reality that you own what you attract. Business or personal.

Is the customer database for low priced economy automobiles the same as the database for mid-sized business sedans, or to go one step further, high priced super cars? Most would quickly say no, the demographics are quite different. And with that, I suggest so are the people and those relationships.

Sure, marketing and advertising have something to do with all of this, but sometimes the results aren’t so apparent. So we do more of the same, yet we expect something different.

Do you want something different? Different customers, different interactions, and perhaps most importantly different outcomes?

What you attract is what you’ll get. Don’t attract flies.


Photo Credit: William Cho

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