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Do you remember your last big decision? Remember when meeting with friends or business associates someone asked you about the best restaurant? Do you remember a time when you felt pressured about political, religious, or personal choices? Do you remember the last time you uttered, “Don’t ask me.”?


Decisions are connected with a choice, a recommendation, and risk. Some people jump at opportunities; others decide it holds too much risk. Some suggest saying nothing is the right path. Perhaps it is, until nothing implies consent or agreement.

Making a decision holds you accountable, responsible, and requires risk. Suggesting the wrong move, the wrong restaurant, or the wrong strategy will not only end bad, it will label you. At least that is what you fear more than the bad choice itself.

Choices give us options, options give us freedom, and you have the right to choose. Culturally many of us seek to stand tall with those values, yet our instincts on making decisions often find us withdrawn with self-doubt and fearing the responsibility of choice.

If you want different, think different.

Ask you.


Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell, Jessop’s Tavern, New Castle, Delaware, USA

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