Customer service marketing

Is Customer Service Marketing?

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There are many ways you can bring your idea, product, or service to market. In fact, there are more media opportunities than ever before. What is the best? Is customer service marketing, or really just an operational tactic? Many businesses hope that their post will go viral. The singer, songwriter, and band all hope for

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Future Career Appreciative Strategies

Your Future Career Depends On You

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All the work that you do requires decisions. You make the choice to go to work, at some level, what you’ll wear, and how you’ll arrive. Certainly, you’ll make the choice about attitude, commitment, and effort. What you do today and tomorrow will impact your future career. In my business I will occasionally hear stories

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Business culture decisions appreciative strategies

Business Culture Decisions in a New Economy

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Understanding the culture of your business is important. As people, most of us try to brand ourselves based on who we believe we are, not perhaps how others label us. When you think about business culture decisions things shouldn’t be much different, should they? Unique One of the most common broadcasts I receive from a

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Fear become habit appreciative Strategies

Can Fear Become a Habit, Should It?

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Workplace motivation is stimulated by many factors. Leaders in the workplace are striving for good habits that have positive reinforcement so that success is achieved. Fear is an emotional response and is often an inappropriate motivator. Can fear become an inappropriate habit? Fear is powerful. There really shouldn’t be much confusion about that. We see

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Understand power

Leadership Habit 46: Understand Power

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Most of the things that happen in the workplace have an emotional connection. Yes, many leaders talk about removing the emotion, using logic, and frequently give reminders that it is just business. Influence is powerful in leadership roles. Do you understand power? For many, leadership is about power. It is the ability to control everything,

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being right appreciative strategies Dennis Gilbert

Being Right Is Not The Point, Pull More, Push Less

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Making your point feels valuable. Sometimes all we want is to be heard. Is anyone really listening? Maybe they are not, because being right is not the point. We are deeply rooted in a service economy. Things have been shifting for years and they’ve been accelerating since 2008-2009. What is the point? The point is

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Media impacts culture

How Media Impacts Culture and Climate

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Hustle and bustle every day, some people talk about the push, others about the pull. Your organizational culture is impacted by social climate. Have you thought about how media impacts culture? Media is exploding. It isn’t just the daily paper anymore. In fact, it hasn’t been the daily paper for some time. Information Sources Media

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framing organizational culture

Framing Organizational Culture

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It isn’t uncommon, most things that we do begin or are contained within a framework. Metaphorically and literally, we know the importance of strong foundations. How are you framing organizational culture? We’re in a service economy, and that isn’t anything new. More and more of the Fortune 500 companies are representing a service-oriented sector. It

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how change develops

How Change Develops and Early Adopters

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Some of the best businesses are not who they once were. They may still offer some of the original products or services but they aren’t the same. Have you ever considered how change develops? Mention change and people are going to become nervous, uneasy, and likely afraid. Change feels like a risk to most and

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vendor abuse

Have You Heard of Vendor Abuse?

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Vendor abuse isn’t a joke, it is a real thing. While I like to position most of my writing with a swing towards the positive, I feel this is an important issue. Let me start by providing a little background about a situation I recently witnessed. Background I was at a local printing and office

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