born leaders appreciative strategies

Some People Are Born Leaders, Right?

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A discussion exists that has been circling for some time. It didn’t start yesterday, and it may not end today. Are some people born leaders? Are leaders automatically born into leadership or are they made? In U.S. culture the answers are much like an election, you’ll find people on both sides. Leadership is for the:

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listening improves customer service

How Listening Improves Customer Service

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Many organizations who actually take the time to self-reflect suggest that one area they could improve is in their communication. Listening is one of the most fundamental and easily improved skills. Have you considered how listening improves customer service? As a business consultant and organization development professional, I hear it all the time. I hear

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long-term customer service appreciative strategies

Long-Term Customer Service, No Need to Panic

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There are many businesses doing it for the long haul. There are also many businesses who believe they are in it for the long haul but tend to operate for the short term. Are you providing long-term customer service solutions, or really just service in the moment? Operating for the short term often seems realistic.

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building customer service appreciative strategies

Correctly Building Customer Service Culture

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Everyone knows that in the business world there isn’t really any standing still. You are either moving forward or falling behind. In the midst of our service economy, smart organizations are building customer service cultures like they never have before. Are they doing it correctly? Will it last? Many are familiar with the fictional Iowa

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popular customer service

Popular Customer Service and Long-term Value

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Fanny packs were once trendy, so was Zima, rollerblades, and Hacky Sack. Some things we don’t see very much of anymore, at least for now. Is there such a thing as popular customer service? What are the trends? Give-away items have been popular for building sales and relationships. Fidget spinners even made their mark in

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Customer service reputation appreciative strategies

How to Improve Your Customer Service Reputation

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Your reputation precedes you. At least that is what we’ve heard. What is your customer service reputation? Do you know, and if so, how would you improve it? Reputation may come in many forms. Some quickly draw thoughts of the negative, bad, or vulgar. Reputation can of course be something great. Knowing Your Reputation There

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improve customer service appreciative strategies

Looking For Ways To Improve Customer Service

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Many people will tell you that they are looking for ways to improve. Personally and professionally, people seeking to improve spend billions of dollars annually. Are you looking for ways to improve customer service or set you or your organization apart from the rest? Funny things sometime happen when we believe we are looking. Notice

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copycat customer service

Avoiding The Copycat Customer Service Trap

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When you want to become better, you often look for a role model. Someone may call it training, another person learning, and someone else may refer to it as coaching. Training, learning and coaching are a good idea, but make sure you aren’t falling into the copycat customer service trap. Consciously or subconsciously sometimes we

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want and need difference

Want and Need, What is the Difference?

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Is the difference between want and need just semantics? It could be, but if you are in consultative sales understanding the difference may be critical. If you are setting the bar for customer service excellence it has never been more important. What is the difference? I want it with four-wheel drive. I want the biggest

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Brand promise appreciative strategies

How To Keep Your Brand Promise

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What is your brand promise? People, stakeholders, employees, or owners; how often are you reflecting on your brand promise? The most important work you do every day should be connected with keeping your brand promise. What is in the quality of your product? What is important and valuable about the service you provide? Exceed Expectations

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