workplace civility

Workplace Civility, Does Your Organization Have It?

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There are those organizations that don’t believe they need workplace civility. Often this is because they don’t recognize that there are differences between their culture and what the front runners know to be more civil. While workplace civility is subjective, the results are often reflected in employee performance. Employee performance is reflected on the income

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handling rejection

Handling Rejection, or Processing the Right of Refusal

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It is often why people claim they do not like sales. They say it is the rejection. Are you handling rejection in the right way? Is it rejection or really just a refusal of your offer? We may be living in a cynical world. Some social media channels offer the option for a thumbs up,

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emotional labor strength

Emotional Labor Strength and Doing Whatever It Takes

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If you were self-assessing, would you indicate that you have emotional labor strength, or is it really one of your weaknesses? Do you procrastinate about your workload, to-do list, or visiting your in-laws? Are you able to jump to attention at the slightest whimper from your boss? Perhaps you would rather put off that task

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hard work

Hard Work Is The Best Way To Get Lucky

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Do you count on luck to carry you forward? Does hard work have anything to do with luck? Look around on your daily commute. There is someone thinking that they need more luck. They need luck to get a better job, advance in their career, or find a way to rapidly increase their retirement account.

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Writing skills

Writing Skills, The Most Important Skill For Success?

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In a world of social media, often inclusive of pictures and video, why are writing skills so important? Perhaps, you are not so certain that they are important, are you? There are a few things to consider. Selling Something Most business professionals are selling something. Certainly not everyone is in the department we fondly know

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simulation experience

Simulation Experience, It Is Not The Real Thing

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Are simulations and real life experiences the same thing? When we want to change or transform an organizational culture, can we do it through simulation? Do you have simulation experience or the real thing? Real or Simulation In our organizations, we can experience safety training, productivity training, or be warned of what is, or is

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professional growth marathon

Professional Growth Marathon, Are You In?

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Are you seeking more from your career? What will you need to do, to plan, or to prepare? Are you ready for the professional growth marathon? The elite weight trainer sometimes tricks his or her muscles. A lighter weight is used for more repetitions in preparation for the heavier weight advancement. Then sometimes, after warming

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choose motivation

Do You Choose Motivation or Does It Just Happen?

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Some will tell you that people can’t be motivated. That they either are, or are not, intrinsically motivated. If you have a choice, will you choose motivation? Many people hate Monday, they perk up on Wednesday, and the rest of the week they are looking forward to Friday. There is even a popular restaurant chain

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advance your career

Extra Effort Will Advance Your Career

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Many people have spent their life, up to now, deciding on how they will advance their career. The advice to work harder seems impractical and working smarter feels more welcoming. For the career minded person, it may be about understanding the norms. Will you advance your career? Life is full of averages. The things that

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customer service voice

What Is Your Customer Service Voice?

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Most of us have one, a voice that offers our opinions, expresses our values, and sets our desired expectations. Your voice may be more impactful than you realize. What is your customer service voice? Internal and External Keep in mind that customer service is both an internal and external part of your organizational culture. What

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