business reputation appreciative strategies

What Is Important For Your Business Reputation?

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Businesses spend billions of dollars each year on marketing and advertising. Much of this effort is to build their brand. What is important for your business reputation? Today we have a service economy unlike any other time in modern history. Media and connections often form our first impressions. What matters most? Shape Reputation Most businesses

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Good plans fail

Why Good Plans Fail And Judgment Inspires Outcomes

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What’s your plan? People ask that question often. What’s the plan, what are we doing? Have you thought recently about why good plans fail? Having a good strategy is important. There are plenty of ways to start developing one. There are also plenty of ways to overanalyze, and become paralyzed with fear. One of the

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ranking customers

Ranking Customers: 5 KPI’s Worth Measuring

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Do you know who your number one customer is? What criterion determines top performing clients? Ranking customers may be important if you want to understand more about your marketing and brand effectiveness. Many business metrics are measured by examining KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and sorting top performers by those indexes. Measuring and examining customer performance

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Customer Service Shortcuts

Customer Service Shortcuts and Culture

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It is easy to disregard customer service. Perhaps in many organizations it is quickly brushed over because there is no rocket science and, after all, it takes a lot of energy to do it right. Do you have a culture of customer service shortcuts? How do you know you have good customer service? How are

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caring costs

Caring Costs but Saves Money in the Long Run

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Possibly the most fundamental principle that is so often violated in the workplace and especially in customer service is caring. Caring costs but it certainly can save money in the long run. Workplace Caring At our job, someone leaves the printer without paper, or prints and leaves the tray filled with unwanted output. The office

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failure expensive

Is Failure Expensive, Compared to What?

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What does failure cost? Most people believe that the cost is significant. Is failure expensive and if so how, or compared to what? On January 28, 1986, we lost the Space Shuttle Challenger reportedly due to an O-ring failure. The cost of this disaster probably easily exceeded $500 million. Some estimates are at more than

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Vague Customer Service

Vague Customer Service Guidelines

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Milestones and goals are always important. Many people stress how critical metrics and measurements are for the performance management process. How are you managing customer service? Do you have vague customer service guidelines? When you attend a meeting, get involved in a committee, or volunteer to help steer the direction of a project you may

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Changing organizational culture

Truth About Your Changing Organizational Culture

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Times are changing. It seems every organization recognizes the business environment and climate are changing. Are you closely connected with some of the most fundamental aspects and ready to discover the truth about your changing organizational culture? If everything in the business environment is shifting, the riskiest place to be is stuck in the status

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your work count appreciative strategies

Making Your Work Count and Outlasting Critics

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People start their work every day. Every day they may question why am I doing this, why does it matter, and why do people only care enough to find fault. Do you make your work count? Does it speak for itself? There are days when it feels like everyone is a critic. The project your

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Another great start

Another Great Start, The Day Doesn’t Matter

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People have suggested for decades that attitude is everything. Attitude, or as I sometimes choose to label it, mind-set, can have a significant difference on our accomplishments. Is today a good day to have another great start? You bet, not because we are specifically trying to be cheery while holding a grudge. Not because we

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